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Christians have been worshipping in Lenton since around 1106, when Lenton Priory was founded. The priory was dissolved in the 1530s but worship, and the dedication of the parish church to the Holy Trinity, continued on the site of the current Priory Church. By 1800, however, the once rural parish of Lenton was being transformed. With the existing church seen as dilapidated and too small for the rising population it was decided to build a new parish church ...


The interior of the church has changed considerably since it was built, as there have been restorations and additions at various times.

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The richly carved mid-12th century font from the old Lenton Priory is one of the most interesting in the country, one of only five rectangular narrative fonts.

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Holy Trinity includes memorials and family links to Nottingham’s WW1 flying ace, Albert Ball, nursing heroine Dorothea Crewdson, and prominent Nottingham suffragette Helen Watts.

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Explore the chancel & reredos, eight memorial stained glass windows windows and eighteen memorial plaques.

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Roof project

Dry rot was discovered in 2013 and the building closed in 2014. After a huge project of work, that we hope will secure the building for the next 100 years, the building reopened on 11th June 2016.

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